Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

Åsa Warnqvist is the Research Manager and Director of the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books and currently also affiliated with Linnaeus University. Her research has primarily been focused on the Swedish children’s book market, Canadian writer L. M. Montgomery, gender studies, and normativity studies. Warnqvist has edited several scholarly anthologies and is the editor of Barnboken. Journal of Children’s Literature. She is also a member of the IRSCL board. One of her ongoing projects (together with Mia Österlund and Maria Jönsson) is concerned with body politics and the depiction of fat children in children’s literature.

Elina Druker

Elina Druker is Professor at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University. Her research area covers picturebooks, illustration history, Avant-Garde and modernism studies. She studied modernist aesthetics in Nordic picturebooks in her dissertation The Images of Modernism (2008) and she is also the co-editor of Children’s literature and the Avant-Garde (2015). She is a board member of European Network of Picturebook Research and a jury member of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Björn Sundmark is Professor of English literature at Malmö University. He has published numerous articles on children’s literature and is the author of the study Alice in the Oral-Literary Continuum (1999). He is also the co-editor of The Nation in Children’s Literature (2013) and Child Autonomy and Child Governance in Children’s Literature: Where Children Rule (2016). He is the editor of Bookbird. Journal of International Children’s Literature and assistant editor of Barnboken. Journal of Children’s Literature Research.

Mia Österlund

Mia Österlund is an Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Åbo Akademi University. She specializes in the intersections between children’s literature and gender studies, with a particular focus on girlhood studies and queer studies. She has published a book on crossdressing in young adult fiction as well as edited several scholarly anthologies of literary studies. She is an assistant editor of Barnboken. Journal of Children’s Literature Research. Currently she is working on a book project that explores fat positivism in Nordic picturebooks.

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